Case Study

Custom-built Dashboards using Neo4j

A Data Analytics Company needed assistance building out a custom dashboard with a complex Neo4j database. Here's how we helped them.

The Opportunity

Our client developed a CRM system using Neo4j as a database and wanted to add a few Analytical capabilities into the application for their customers.

They approached Exometrics to help develop a custom Analytical Dashboard and also required our help to integrate it into their existing CRM application.

Our Solution

We developed a powerful bespoke dashboard using our client's existing Neo4j infrastructure. We used NodeJS & ExpressJS frameworks to interface directly with the Neo4j database and D3 to provide compelling visualizations.

Technologies Used

nodejs developers
neo4j consultants
expressjs developers
typescript experts


  • Our team developed a sophisticated custom Analytics Dashboard with a complex Neo4j backend

  • Our developers integrated the Dashboard into the exisiting applications for a seamless user experience

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